Volume 1 – Issue 1


Volume 1 – Issue 1

Pages: 1-42

July 2018


Virulence and pathogenicity aspects in Candida albicans infections
Omar Sadik, Irina Gheorghe, Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc
Published online: 21 April 2018, pp. 11-16
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Adipose tissue engineering and adipogenesis – a review
Andreea D. Lazar, Sorina Dinescu, Marieta Costache
Published online: 22 April 2018, pp. 17-26
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Nanotechnological approaches for the development of novel antimicrobial strategies
Mohammed Dyia Hussien, Luminiţa Măruţescu, Carmen Mariana Chifiriuc
Published online: 15 June 2018, pp. 27-33
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Role of genital tract infections and inflammatory processes in male infertility
Codruța Silea, Alina Maria Holban, Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc
Published online: 25 June 2018, pp. 34-42
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