The interconnection between the inflammasome and breast cancer

Liliana-Roxana Balahura, Sorina Dinescu, Marieta Costache  Published online: 27 July 2020

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Breast cancer is a condition of mammary cells that gain the capacity to abnormally proliferate and represents one of the cancers with an unpredictable evolution. Being a heterogeneous disease which present multiple subtypes, it remains an important problem for the biomedical domain. Inflammation influences the progression of the tumorigenic processes, being supported by the inflammasome complex and important signaling pathways which all associated promote breast tumor development. Oncogenic modifications modulate inflammatory microenvironment through inflammatory cells involvement, contributing to the development of more aggressive and challenging type of breast malignancy. Inflammasome is a cytosolic multiprotein complex composed by domain-containing protein (NOD)-like receptor, the apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing a caspase activation and recruitment domain and caspase-1, involved in inflammation and pyroptosis. Over the years it has been proven that persistent inflammation associated with inflammasome activation promotes breast cancer initiation and progression and the purpose of this paper is to highlight the accumulated information on this subject and to understand its complexity.


Keywords breast cancer, inflammation, inflammasome complex, pyroptosis


Corresponding author: Sorina Dinescu, E-mail:

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