Adipose tissue engineering and adipogenesis – a review

Andreea D. Lazar, Sorina Dinescu, Marieta Costache      Published online: 22 April 2018

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Abstract Adipose tissue engineering represents a promising solution for the regeneration of adipose tissue. The goal is to achieve a substitute for this specific tissue, appropriate for implantation at the lesion site, by combining cells, biomaterials and induction factors that promote adipogenesis. The cells undergo adipogenic differentiation, specific genes are up-regulated by transcription factors and certain signaling pathways are activated or silenced. The aim of this review was to provide the readers with an overview of the main molecular events associated with adipogenesis, stressing on the most important aspects of signaling during this process, as well as with the main aspects of adipose tissue engineering up to date.


Keywords adipose tissue engineering; adipogenesis; transcription factors; adipose tissue signaling; regeneration


Corresponding author: Sorina Dinescu, E-mail: